This is Grannie Rattle Cakes and One-half Ron hanging out at the bakery before their story begins.
Natalie and Grannie are just having some Halloween fun!
Off to take a spin with Natalie!
Cosette loves to hug Grannie Rattle Cakes!
Cosette and Grannie have a first dance!
Grannie and Cosette stopped for a pose!
The story begins.
This will be my new companion One-half Ron.
We will have many adventures!
One-half Ron loves to have his ears tickled.
Come here One-half Ron.
Grannie Rattle Cakes can't stop smiling!
One-half Ron has three legs and one-half of a jaw.
He can still smile!
One-half Ron loves his side view.
Getting his back scratched!
Nothing but good bones!
True bona fide companions!
Grannie comes to life.
Grannie trying on hats!
The perfect pin perfect hat!
Say hello to Icy Irv! Read all about him in Book 5 called Icy Skeleton Holiday.
On her way for her apron fitting!
Getting measured for her hat.
Getting apron measurements with Claudia.
Waiting for her apron and hat!
Apron has arrived!
Grannie waits patiently for her new hat!
Grannie is so happy!
Grannie put on her old hat to keep her head warm.
Grannie Rattle Cakes is waiting!
...and waiting!
Waiting for first official in person meeting!
Grannie and One-half Ron hard at work!
The creative team!
Hard at work!
Monica the illustrator of the story poses with Grannie!
Missing Grannie.