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Writer: Natalie Jensen has a MS in Social Work from the University of Utah. She has been a family therapist working with children at a mental health center. She currently owns a cupcake bakery that she opened in honor of her daughter who lives with cerebral palsy. Natalie conducts continuous birthday and tea parties for children at her bakery. She also reads to children on her Facebook page. Her favorite activity is to see children listen, laugh, question, and share a common experience with a book. Natalie resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with her family.

Writer: Claudia H. Gesas has always been fascinated with words and a weighty “turn of phrase.” She has an MA in French and Cultural Studies and has written poems and essays, and taught French and ESL English for many years. She works as a support coordinator at Services for People with Disabilities in Utah. She is an advocate for providing opportunities that build confidence and independence.

Illustrator: Nica Rockwood Stamm is an award‑winning interpretive exhibit designer specializing in breaking barriers and universal design for learning. She has been creating art since her earliest memories. She loves traveling and exploring wild places with her family. She was dreadfully afraid of dogs as a child. Thankfully, she takes great joy from her dog Izzy and the creation of One‑Half Ron.